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Everything I Ever Learned About Art

November 4, 2013


People ask me all the time, ‘Do you teach lessons?’ ‘When’s your next workshop?’

I feel some tension about teaching. I like to teach. I promised God if He’d help me figure out how to make a living as an artist, I’d pass it along through teaching. But still, tension. I haven’t been good at developing a consistent teaching effort. I like my privacy in the studio. At times, students don’t seem serious about learning, and motivating them doesn’t come naturally to me. Plus, I think it’s important for young artists to learn from a variety of artists rather than becoming a disciple of one. And it seems the most serious of young artists teach themselves by looking at art and often disregard what their teachers have to say. And can you really pull genius out of someone? Is it something that’s either there or it isn’t? So, tension.

But a couple of things happened to me recently. First, I was asked to present on teaching via the internet at the Dixie Business of Art in Kanab, (which, by the way, is this weekend–so come.) That made me think, ‘I guess I’d better do some teaching if I’m going to present on it.’ Second, I had someone come show me their work after having taken an online course I offered through I was so impressed with the progress she had made in her painting skills through taking the course, and I was encouraged. It made me remember so many victories with so many students in my past.

imagelesson1aWell, if you’ve been following my Instagram feed, you may know about my new project–documenting everything I ever learned about art. This promises to be a slow and painstaking project for me. If you click on this link, you’ll see in the left hand column a long list of demo videos I plan to create and post online. I’m reaching back to the beginning, and choosing exercises I did way back when I was young that still have some bearing on what I do as an artist today. Much of this content will not be new or groundbreaking. I hope, however, to build a progressive group of exercises that build on one another to take a young artist (of any age) from fundamentals to eventual freedom of expression. I hope to focus on principles and general techniques in order to give artists a lot of tools, both in discipline and expression, so they don’t become copies of me, but rather find their own paths. I remember when I finally had enough skills to accomplish what I wanted to in a painting. It was like I could finally breath.

If you decide to delve into some of my new demo videos at, and you make it to the end of a video, you’ll see how I really feel about teaching–and more specifically about the teachers who taught me. They truly opened my eyes and pulled out whatever latent genius there might have been in a young, stubborn, and sometimes less than responsive art student. I’m so grateful for their patience and expertise.

And now I’m going to motivate you. You CAN do it. Push past those mental blocks. It’s worth it. Most artists give up or fall into a rut way too early. All it takes to go further is to work harder and be more persistent and try new things. Most people don’t. You can. Absolutely you can.

So when is my next workshop? It’s right now, on your computer. New videos are free for a week or two once they are posted. And if you’d like to be notified of live workshops, please email me at jkirk(at) and I’ll put you on the list.

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  1. December 13, 2013 6:40 am

    painting lessons online online are a great source of motivation. such inspiring lessons are awesome.

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