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One More Day for the Studio Tour

May 18, 2012

We had a fun time last night here at the studio. If you didn’t get a chance to make it, there’s still tomorrow (Saturday) night, 6-9pm. A few generous attendees sent me some words describing their favorite pieces:

“It was a magnificent evening……such eye candy both nature’s best and the best of a talented artist. I loved it! It always is an amazement to me how versatile you are, Kirk…..I am carrying images in my mind of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, plein air in the Holy Land, nostalgic landscapes, and stunning sculpture. I love the winged figures in both oil and three dimensional…an evening that filled my soul!”

-Thank you! Linda

Detail from The Last Supper, by J. Kirk Richards, 2012

“I know I’m Kirk’s wife and I am biased, but my favorite pieces in this studio tour exhibit are the new abstract Christ narratives (especially the “Last Supper” and “Palm Sunday”). These pieces are beautiful from a distance, and become even more meaningful as I look closer and see the stories represented and interweaved with texture and shapes. Whereas I am an artist that can paint from/copy a photograph, I greatly respect artists like Kirk who have the capability to paint intense detail or can copy what they see before them, but choose not to. I am amazed how Kirk creates his own compositions and often pulls ideas out of his head instead of from a photo. He’s willing to try new things and take risks to stay true to his creative originality. I like how these narratives aren’t spelled out for the viewer. The viewer has to look closer to see what the artist is communicating, just as we often need to dig deeper in the stories of the scriptures to see what we need to learn from them.”


Detail from The Triumphal Entry, by J. Kirk Richards

“I have always appreciated Kirk’s ability to portray light and emotion with a minimalistic splash of color or spatter of texture. The way he illustrates the human condition, both mortal and divine, often causes the best loved passages of the Holy Word to leap to mind.

“What continues to inspire me is though the technique changes, the results are the same. I see both the love of God and His creations, and Kirk’s love of art reflected back from his works.

“One of my favorites, Christ among the lepers, quietly evokes both the despair of the condemned and the hope that the Savior offers them and all of us if we but accept Him in our lives. A priceless gift, freely given.”


Frame detail on a J. Kirk Richards painting.

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  1. Maria permalink
    September 14, 2014 8:40 pm

    I would love the first painting done for me. I am looking for a last supper painting about 5ft by 3 ft. Let me know how we can talk!

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