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New Acquisitions at the Richards’ House

February 6, 2012

Amy and I are super excited about two new additions to our art collection. The first one is by Gary Ernest Smith, a long-time hero of mine, an incredible artist, and a good man. The title is John 17, referring to the great intercessory prayer. This was Gary’s entry in the Springville Museum Spiritual and Religious Art Show, 2011:

John 17, by artist Gary Ernest Smith

"John 17" by artist Gary Ernest Smith. © All copyrights reserved by Mr. Smith.

The second piece is by Cary Henrie, a seasoned artist but a new friend. His piece is called Angel Fragment.

Angel Fragment, by Cary Henrie

"Angel Fragment" by Cary Henrie. © All rights reserved by Mr. Henrie.

Again, we’re so excited to have these beautiful pieces in our own personal collection. Thank you Gary and Cary!

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  1. February 15, 2012 10:45 pm

    Beautiful Intercessory Painting. Amazing symbolic composition.

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