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The Rhythm of an Art Career

December 20, 2011

Last month I was asked to do a presentation at the Dixie Business of Art conference in Kanab.  I was asked to present on blogging.  Kind of ironic, since I haven’t blogged now in about two months.  Anyway, I’m back on the wagon, and I promised the artists who attended my class that I’d post this particular bit of information.  It’s a step by step list of the things I do to promote my artwork–the rhythm of my art career, so to speak.   And here it is:



On a regular basis:
New blog post (1-6  times a week)
Social networking links to blog
Social networking posts
Enter group shows and juried shows throughout the year

On a cycle:
Set a date for a show (6-8 months before)
Create the best artwork possible—a variety of sizes and prices.  Twelve or more pieces, if possible. Ideally twenty to thirty.
Order postcard invites to the show (5 weeks before the show)
Photograph the artwork (3 weeks before the show)
Update the website (3 weeks before the show)
Prepare and deliver press releases or other publicity (3 weeks to 12 days before the show)
Send off the postcard invitations (12 days before the show)
Send off an email newsletter invitation (5 days before the show)
Post a blog reminder of the show (4 days before the show)
Post a social networking reminder (The morning of the show)
Gather contact information of people interested (During the show)
Update your names list (After the show)
Follow up with people interested in purchasing. (Within a week after the show)
Start the cycle over again.


Okay, I know that’s a lot for an artist to think about. And most of this stuff should be done by a good gallery, if you’re lucky enough to be represented by one. But if you’re not in a good gallery, you’re also lucky, because your future is in your own hands.

If this is just too much for you to fit into your busy schedule, here’s the same list, but prioritized. The white text represents things that are, in my opinion, essential. The light green text is important but not as essential. The dark green text is least important, and, surprise! Blogging is dark green. I guess I’m justified in not posting for two months:)

A list of things to do to promote your artwork, by J. Kirk Richards

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  1. January 2, 2012 8:19 pm

    This is an interesting post to me; though my art is currently a brood of growing children. It made me think of a recent post from another favorite blogger ( She wrote about how Pinterest gave her a wild jump in traffic to her blog. If you’re looking to gain wider exposure for your art (whether “you” is actually You, J. Kirk Richards, or the generic somebody), go register and pin things you love . . . both your own and others’. I’ll be pinning some of the modern work you posted about in Ft. Worth after this comment goes live. (You may not post for months, but it takes me longer than that to read them. lol)

    I came across you when C. Jane posted about your mother’s day project, and I loved your work. Someday I hope to attend one of your workshops with my daughter when we’re visiting family in Provo. I’m nothing much of an artist, but I sure love creating.

    So, there’s a thought on another way to help people find your artwork. :o)

    • January 2, 2012 8:19 pm

      er, I meant 🙂 WordPress’s smileys always throw me for a loop . . . 😉

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