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Progress from the Redmond Studio

July 3, 2011

Time for another update to show you happened during my last session at the studio in Redmond. I had a lot to get done in a short period of time, including coming up with a birthday present for Amy, my wife. So here’s what I ended up getting accomplished this time around:

Breath of Life, in progress

I did some more work on the Breath of Life painting. I glazed over the heavy textured areas at the bottom of the painting, darkening the dirt and making it glow a bit. Then I worked on the Adam figure, trying to keep it fairly loose still, and making it come and go amidst the “dust particles.” You can see the before pictures here.

Angels in progress

Angels in progress

The angel sculpture started to take form a little. I painted a rough composition on the wood and started adding plaster. It was going to be a wide piece with four sides, but now I think it will be two separate one-sided sculptures when it’s done. One of them will hopefully be featured at the Windows to the Divine Show in Denver during the month of November.

Christus sculptures in progress

Christus sculptures in progress

I worked a little on two plaster Christus sculptures. You can see I added arms and filled out the body a little on the larger sculpture. Slow progress, but they’re coming. If you work much with this wire mesh, consider wearing gloves. I really sliced a hole in my finger this week while working on these!

Portrait of the Artist's Daughter in progress

Portrait of the Artist's Son in progress

These two little portraits in progress were done in secret for my wife’s birthday. I’ve never painted portraits of our children, so this was long overdue. Amy was happy for the birthday surprise. The painting of my daughter still needs a glaze and a few small adjustments. Clearly the painting of my son has a long way to go. When our third and fourth are a little older, I’ll paint portraits of them as well.

These two portraits were filmed, so I plan to have a step-by-step video explaining the process, to be posted before long. It will most likely be uploaded to an exciting new website of painting demos being developed by my good friend Will Terry.

New mattress

And last but not least, improvements on the studio itself. Amy bought me this mattress for Fathers day, so I started building a bed to put it on out of old left-over materials. I think it’ll be pretty cool when it’s done.

Bed in progress

Tune in next time for more progress from the Redmond studio.

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  1. Jesicca permalink
    July 19, 2011 2:02 pm

    Love the birthday gift to your wife of your children’s portriats. Would you ever consider doing this as special orders?

    • Jesicca permalink
      July 19, 2011 2:03 pm

      hehehe, not of your children but of others?

  2. July 20, 2011 10:59 pm

    Kirk, I LOVE the daughter painting, can’t wait to see the others.


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