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Embodiment: MSH exhibition at UVU

March 25, 2011

I have a show up at UVU. It’s part of the Mormon Scholars in the Humanities conference this weekend. I’ll be giving a little introduction to the show tomorrow (Saturday, March 26th) at 11:00 in the UVU library auditorium (1st floor), and then we’ll head up and see the show on the third floor. I’m guessing the show will be up for three or four weeks. The show includes pieces from my “Figures with Wings” series, pieces from my 40 small Christ portraits series, and the piece shown below: “Crucifixion.”

Also on display is a series of poems by Tyler Chadwick, a PhD candidate in English. Here’s a note from Tyler regarding the poetry:

“My lyric meditation on Kirk’s paintings began when I first encountered his work a few years ago. My response to his work was such that I wanted to write a reaction to it, but didn’t think an essay entitled something like ‘The Judeo-Christian Imagery and Implications of J. Kirk Richards’ Paintings’ would do. So I decided to respond to his art with mine. These poems are the offspring of that response.”

I’ve never met Tyler, though he has been writing poetry based on my artwork for years. I look forward to meeting him this weekend.

The conference began this morning. One of the first sessions was presented by Jonathon Penny, professor of English at a university in the United Arab Emirates. Jonathan spoke on my work and on the work of Brian Kershisnik. It was fascinating for me to hear the eloquent analysis of Mr. Penny regarding my own thought processes and artistic aims. In fact it was at Jonathan’s suggestion that my show be part of the MSH conference. Thanks Jonathon.

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