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Donald Davis and the Orem Public Library

March 14, 2011

Do you know Donald Davis the storyteller?

I had the honor of opening for him at the Orem Public Library new wing fundraiser.* No, I’m not a story teller, but Amy and I started by singing our song (I know, we’ve been sitting on this song for months, but our full album is inching closer to completion), and then I talked a little bit about story as it applies to art. I was super excited to participate. I’ve been a fan of Donald Davis for many years, ever since I first saw him perform at the storytelling festival in Jonesborough, TN. My in-laws attend his storytelling workshop on Okracoke Island every year. He is the real deal–probably the most famous storyteller alive. Many thanks to Andi the infamous bread maker for setting this up! And many thanks to Donald for his sharing his wonderful stories!

Me and the great Donald Davis

Amy, Donald Davis, and his wife Merle

*PS – I looked for an online link to info regarding the new wing of the Orem Public Library, and I didn’t find one. I encourage everybody to find out about it and contribute. It’s going to be a great resource for the community and for the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival.

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